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Customer Newsletter for Sunday, September 25th, 2022

Drop-in encounters, adventures, and player options!

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Free weekly productThe Farmers Feud
by James "Iv0ryW0lf" Boyd

As a GM, there are times you need to fill in potential gaps in your homebrew campaigns or official adventure paths. Welcome to the Dungenerates series of Sighed Quests. Adventurers may complain about the tasks, but there is gold.  A paid gig is a paid gig.

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Infinite News

A Pathfinder Second Edition Adventure for Level 3, Tales from the Dark Archive, The Isle in the Mist, by Tom RobinsonNew from Infinite Masters

Infinite Masters is an invitation-only cadre of the most active and influential members of the Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite community, whose work consistently sets the standard for quality and professionalism, and who receive early access to official Paizo releases in order to support them with Infinite content as close to release date as possible.

Here's the latest and greatest from the Infinite Masters:

  • The Isle In The Mist by Tom Robinson - Your next Pathfinder game day is all set with this one-session Pathfinder Second Edition adventure that supplements the Dark Archive, optimized for Level 3.
  • Thaumaturge's Wrath by Eldritch Osiris Games - 10 new thaumaturge implements with feats!
  • Theatrum Immortuorum by Simon Hunter - Ready-to-go encounters for your Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics: Theater!
  • Thaleon, Iconic Psychic by Tyler "Cartmanbeck" Beck - A character fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

The Adamantine Bastille: The Once Unbreakable Prison of the Starfinder Society
by Lysle Kapp


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Featured Title

Gothic Ancestries: Gargoyles
by The Forgotten Workshop


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Featured Title

Tainted Virtue: The Blackguard
by Mark Clark


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekCryptids Expanded
by The Gallant GoblinArkonDylan WokeckGrady WangKevin GlusingMicahDrawsSasha Laranoa Harving, & Theo Thourson

This is the ultimate cryptid companion to Paizo's Dark Archive created by Infinite Masters, a select group of creators chosen by Paizo and DriveThruRPG to design supplemental products for official sourcebooks.

In addition to brand new cryptids, this product provides stat blocks for all the cryptids described in Dark Archive.

Discover the horrors of the Angler, resist the song of the Ironbound Siren, battle the mutant unicorn, quickly reference the full stat blocks for the Birchfrost Beast and its Mate, and more! The Ironbound Siren haunts the frigid waters of the north with its alluring song.

Expand your options for adventures, urban legends, and things that go bump in the night:

  • ALIEN CRYPTIDS A new type of cryptid with details on how to modify creatures to give them an extraterrestrial or aberrant origin, plus two example stat blocks!
  • 40 cryptid stat blocks with an index at the end organizing them by cryptid type and by level for easy reference!
  • Levels –1 to 22 monsters to stalk your party no matter their adventuring experience!
  • 8 new feats, a new cryptid artifact with three power levels and associated destruction criteria, and a ritual to contain nightmarish creatures!


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